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6 professions you could join after PhD studies

In the past, candidates were thought to have only one option after completing their PhD studies -academia. However, nowadays PhD holders have a variety of career options in a variety of fields.

PhD holders’ opportunities are expanding as technology and time progress. Many companies are now hiring PhD holders to gain their expertise and valuable insights in a particular field.

The demand for PhDs in various fields is increasing day by day, giving PhD holders the opportunity to explore more career options outside of academia.

In this article, we will discuss the top six career paths you can take after completing your PhD. Let’s take a brief look into this:


This is one of the most popular professions for those who have completed their PhD studies. The main reason for this is that the job profile is similar to what the candidate did during his or her PhD studies. It entails teaching, lecturing, conducting or participating in seminars, conducting research, and managing administration.

If you want to teach and conduct research after completing your PhD, academics is the right path for you. You can work as a professor at any college. The majority of colleges are eager to hire PhD holders as their faculty members.


After completing your PhD, you can work as a consultant. Many businesses hire PhD holders as consultants to help them manage large amounts of data and gain valuable insights for business decisions.

Because of the advancement in technology, the firm now has a large amount of data to manage. PhDs excel at data management and have subject-matter expertise that can be extremely beneficial to the firm.

Thus, if you want to work in the corporate world, consulting could be a good option with high-paying options.

Government Jobs

If you want to serve and contribute to the welfare of your country after completing your PhD, you can apply for government jobs. The government provides numerous opportunities for PhD holders. You can pursue your interests and make a career in that field.

PhD holders have a unique perspective on complex situations; they can see the entire picture and present a diplomatic solution.

These are the characteristics they have developed as a result of their PhD research, which distinguishes them and makes them valuable assets to the government.

You can become a military researcher or work in any ministry where you must understand the ministry’s complex situation and assist them in finding viable solutions.

If politics fascinates you, you can become a policymaker in both state and federal government. If you can produce quality work, you can eventually become a minister. Additionally, you can work as a civilian government employee and conduct research.

Research Associate

If you excel at research, becoming a research associate may be the right career path for you after completing your PhD. A research associate’s job entails planning, organizing, and conducting research in various fields, as well as managing data.

These data can be used by various companies to track the latest trends and information in their field and to better understand their customers’ behaviour.

You can work in consulting firms, financial institutions, asset management companies, and in-house research departments of specific organizations. This is the best option if you feel monotonous with academic research and want to change your career.

Product Manager

As Product Manager, you are responsible to manage the complete life cycle of the product. From development to execution of the product everything needs to be managed by you.

You are involved in all stages of product development, growth, distribution planning, and so on. Your work does not stop there; you must also devise novel ways to commercialize the product and phase out the previous version of it.

Companies prefer PhD holders for this position because of their excellent multitasking skills and ability to produce solutions to complex problems.


You can be an entrepreneur if you don’t want to work under someone else or if you have a unique idea that will help you create your own identity. The startup culture is expanding at an exponential rate, and if you have an innovative idea, you can make a name for yourself. As a PhD holder, you can work for long hours, collect data, work under pressure, and properly lead people, which is a similar quality to that of an entrepreneur. As a result, entrepreneurs could be a good option for PhDs who want to work for themselves and has amazing idea.


These are the careers that PhD holders can pursue after earning their degree. You can apply for positions in any field that piques your interest. Most companies prefer PhD candidates over UG or PG candidates because of their knowledge and ability to work long hours within strict guidelines. Apart from having an exciting career in various fields, these jobs also offer a lucrative salary to the PhDs.

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