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We have a team of highly-skilled instructors who are experts in their academic field, with excellent interpersonal skills and vast teaching experience. Our instructors are highly professional who already have mentored numerous students to achieve success in their respective research areas.

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Purpose of the Training

PhD research is an essential part to complete a PhD degree it is also regarded as the core of a PhD. You are expected to complete half of your PhD if you know how to conduct effective research, which areas to focus on, which problems to identify, and other related factors. To keep this in mind, we provide students with training to help them understand the fundamentals of research methodology. The scholar will learn how to complete their research in a timely and effective manner during this training programme. This training programme will cover everything from data collection to report writing and applying statistical techniques.

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Purpose of the Training

Writing is another important factor which uses to write a thesis in PhD degree. Following research, the scholar must write a thesis of more than 50,000 words to complete his PhD degree. The process of writing such a lengthy thesis can be intimidating. As a result, we train scholars on how to structure and write an effective thesis. Scholars will learn how to structure their research and data, outline the chapter, and understand the pillars of writing a thesis, and other factors during this training. We will handhold the scholar through the whole process of writing their thesis.

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The PhD can take three to six years to complete. The time limit can differ as per the institute, hence the candidate should inquire about it with the desired university before applying.

A master’s degree or M.phill from any recognised Indian university in the relevant field is required for admission to the PhD programme. To be eligible for admission, you must have at least 55% of the marks or corresponding grades.

If you are pursuing a self-funded PhD or have professional experience in the industry, you can apply with lower grades.

Not all bachelor’s students are eligible for a PhD, but according to the new UGC guidelines, students who obtain a four-year degree in UG can apply for admission to PhD programmes in their desired fields.

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